European leaders start in Luxembourg on Monday a crucial negotiation round to decide whether the Lisbon Treaty, rejected by the Irish last week, can still be saved. Foreign Affairs ministers meet on Thursday and Friday at a Brussels Summit which will be transformed in a crisis reunion, AFP reads.

The 27 Foreign ministers meet for the first time on Monday after the Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty. On Sunday, Irish PM Brian Cowen declared that he couldn't foresee any solution for this issue.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will meet Czech leaders on Monday to decide whether France continues the Treaty ratification process. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet Polish PM Donald Tusk to avoid a "two wheel European Union".

European leaders will decide whether a second referendum will be held in the Irish nation concerning the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish rejected the Treaty of Lisbon by 53.4% in a referendum on Thursday. In order to enter into force, the Treaty must be ratified in all 27 member states.