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European Commission demands clarifications after Germany decided to extend Romanian and Bulgarian restrictions

de A.C.
Luni, 21 iulie 2008, 8:47 English | Regional Europe

The Labor and Social Affairs European Commissioner Vladimir Spidla urged Germany to offer some clarifications concerning its decision to extend restrictions for Romanian and Bulgarian low-skilled workers until 2011, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs. 

The German government decided on Monday to demand Brussels officials to postpone until 2011 its restrictions for Eastern European workers, a decision that isolates Germany despite the fact that it badly needs working force.

EU members states can opt to keep their borders closed to foreign workers until 2011 if each government proves that there are serious consequences which would affect the labor market, the European Commission declared.

Spidla declared that Germany thus needs to convince him that the solution is a good one. Within the European Union, only four countries decided to request an extension. Nonetheless, Germany decided to allow qualified Eastern European to enter their labor market.

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