Russian troops are 20 km away from Georgia's capital city and occupied a great part of Georgian territory, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili announced quoted by AFP.

Georgia seeks international help to stop Russian troops occupy Tbilisi. Meanwhile, Russian Defense minister declared that Russian troops are far from Tbilisi and there's territorial claim over Tbilisi, Interfax informs quoted by AFP.

Russian forces launched a military offense in South Georgia, at Senaki near the separatist region, Abkhazia by occupying the Georgian military base.

This action is a premiere in the Russian-Georgian unfolded conflict in the past week because until now the conflict concentrated around South Ossetia.

However, the Georgian President announced that Russian plans to occupy Georgia by military force.

UPDATE: Russian troops conquer the Georgian Poti port at the Black Sea. Romanian Foreign Affairs minister evacuates its citizens from Georgia. Romania's Foreign Affairs minister evacuated all Romanian citizens from Georgia. The 50 Romanians were evacuated by car up to the border with Armenia, Romanian news television Realitatea TV informs. Russian troops occupied last night the Georgian Poti port at the Black sea, Reuters informs.