Romania has delivered weapons and infantry ammunition, with respect to the UN Charta regulations, the international sanctions regime and the EU code of conduct in weapons export, the Romanian Foreign Ministry announced, as response to a questionnaire sent by the Mediafax news agency. The Defense Ministry has no knowledge about the exports, declaring that, in case weapons were sold in the are, the transactions were made through interims.

The Foreign Ministry mentioned that the exports were made on the basis of individual licenses, with respect to the national military exports regime and to the international commitments Romania made.

Georgia is not and has not been subject to any embargo in international or regional weapons dealing, or to other restrictive measures.

The Abkhazian leader, Sergey Bagaps, declared on Thursday that large amounts of American and Romanian weapons were found in the Georgian military warehouses in the Kodori pass.

Bagaps claims that the Georgian troops withdrawing from the pass left behind large amounts of weapons, which were transported in the warehouses of the Abkhazian army.