Russian military troops, ships or planes wishing to transit Ukraine need to comply to new rules and regulations imposed by the Ukrainian government. However, if they fail to do so, Ukrainian military troops and customs officers have the right to physically block Russian fleets. The new regulations stirred up a lot of controversy in Russia, RBK Daily reads.

Russian officials suggested that they have no intention to comply to the new regulations and they will not evacuate the Sevastopol base earlier than 2017. Also on Wednesday, Yuschenko declared that Ukraine was ready to actively take part in rehabilitating Georgia's territorial integrity. He added that he knew that his move would most probably lead to an increase in the natural gas prices which would be unbearable for the Ukrainian economy.

It is becoming clearer that there is a new iron curtain installing between Russia and the West, with Ukraine caught in the middle, Nezavisimaia gazeta informs.