Ukraine is convinced that will win the lawsuit in the International court of Justice in the Hague, scheduled to start on Tuesday and lead to a closure in the controversial property rights over the Black Sea Serpent's Island. "We wouldn’t have come if we didn't believe in our position, in its international law arguments and in our team of representatives. I assure you, we have a very good team of lawyers and, of course, we are certain of our victory", said the Ukrainian ambassador in Bucharest, Markyian Kulyk, in an interview for RFI.

The ambassador expressed his certainty that none of the parties involved will attempt to challenge the decision of the Court, since both countries accepted the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice.

Markyian Kulyk argued that the Serpents Island belongs to Ukraine, is an island as islands are defined by the international law and, therefore, it should have its continental platform and exclusive economic area.

The ambassador estimated that a few hundreds people live on the rock, where the infrastructure already includes a post office, a bank and two hotels.