The Romanian state appreciates all financial resources Romanians working abroad are sending back home but, in the next 3 to 4 years, Romanians living abroad should return home as they are more important than the money they send, Romania's President Traian Basescu declared in a visit in Italy this weekend.

Basescu declared that if Romanians would fail to send money back home, the government would be forced to get high loans to cover the exports/imports gap. He added that he was grateful to those who send money back in Romania.

Basescu underlined that in the next 3 to 4 years, salaries in Romania would reach the same level as those currently paid by Italians. Thus, the declared that he would be waiting, during his second mandate, for Romanians living abroad to return home.

He declared that he was confident that Romania would become a strong economic state but he added that in a couple of years, it would be very important to have the necessary work force to push further the development.

Basescu showed that Romanians working abroad couldn't be judged solely based on some negative incidents and that there were many Romanians working honestly, who comply with the laws and came to Italy out of necessity and would be happy to return home.