Famous Czech writer Milan Kundera, author of the Unbearable lightness of Being, denounced, back in 1950 a student, that lead to the imprisonment of a 22 years old young man, weekly journal Respekt reads, quoted by AFP.

The newspaper reads that Kundera denounced Miroslav Dvoracek that deserted the army and ran to Germany but at the time was hiding in Prague, the report of the police shows. Arrested, Dvoracek was imprisoned to 22 years.

Aged 21 at the time, Kundera did not personally know the two youngsters but heard a conversation between other persons, according to the report. Currently, Dvoracek, aged 80 lives in Sweden. Kundera, initially a supporter of the Communist party, joined the anti-Communist movement in the 60s.

Currently, Kundera lives in France, where he emigrated in 1975. He refuses any encounter with the media but visits his native country once in a while.