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EU to organize a second summit for the financial crisis, after Washington

de Radu Rizea
Sâmbătă, 8 noiembrie 2008, 13:07 English | Regional Europe

The European Union intends to organize a second European summit dedicated to the financial crisis, after the meeting in Washington, on November 15. The European leaders suggested a new global summit 100 days after Washington, in February, the presidents and prime ministers participating in the informal meeting on Friday, in Brussels, have decided.

100 days, starting on November 15, should be the period to prepare for applying the system reform principles, mainly the transparency and a better regulation of the financial markets, the document put up on Friday reads. At the end of this period, we will suggest a new summit, to analyze the way the measures adopted on November 15 were applied.

In case the new summit will take place, it will be scheduled for around February 23. The US president, Barack Obama, will be already in office at that time, the investing ceremony being set for January 20.

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