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Romania's Open House: maximum budget and minimalist style

de Miruna Cajvaneanu, transl. A.C.
Miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2008, 15:41 English | Regional Europe

Romania's House in Italy, a three day project aimed to improve Romania's image abroad was opened in downtown Rome. The goal of the project is to create a space where they can reproduce the atmosphere of a modern Romanian house with traditional dances, Romanian books and traditional food. correspondent to Italy, Miruna Cajvaneanu talks about the house and the impressions of foreign visitors.

The house is modern and equipped with modern technologies: hi tech LCDs, elegant cooks dressed in black uniforms and virtual images projected on the walls. The overall impression is quite modern, irrespective of the aim of the project to emphasize Romania's traditions.

The Romanian pavilion does not attract as many tourists as one would expect. The main visitors are tourists carrying luggage, youngsters or Romanians who are curious to see the project. Nonetheless, the few visitors to enter the house take some pictures with the pavilion's most interesting images.

As expected, the Romania's traditional food is the most visited place where tourists anxiously wait their turn in the line to taste the Romanian specialties. The two cooks prepare Romanian "sarmalute" (stuffed cabbage rolls) and other recipes.

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