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Romania gains ground in new EC energy action plan

de Radu Rizea
Vineri, 14 noiembrie 2008, 10:58 English | Regional Europe

The European Commission adopted on Thursday a new plan of action for the energy security field and the member states solidarity, within the wider European energy strategy revising plan. The emphasize on securing the energy resources makes Romania an important benefiter of the measures: the Nabucco natural gas pipeline will finally receive the support is needed, while the Romanian gas and electricity grids will be connected to the regional ones.

In brief, the new energy plan includes a few main points:

- more energy efficient buildings and products;
- more energy resources, both "green" and classic;
- infrastructure investments for more trustworthy providers;
- solidarity among the EU member states;
- better diplomatic relations with energy providing countries, diversity in choosing providers.

On a medium and long term, the target of the European Union is to reduce emissions by 20%, increase the amount of green energy by 20 and improve the energy efficiency by 20%.

The dependence on a single source of energy must be eliminated as well. The Southern natural gas pipeline, Nabucco, was finally adopted as a priority and the project will benefit from the EU support. Brussels officials managed to convince Turkey to become a transit country for the Caspian Sea natural gas, within the Nabucco pipeline project.

Also in the infrastructure chapter, Romania may benefit from the development of the North-South and East-West interconnecting grids.

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