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ASG study: 130,000 Romanians will be unemployed in Spain by the end of the year

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Miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2008, 19:15 English | Regional Europe

Specialists estimate that by the end of the year almost three million citizens in Spain will be unemployed of which 1 million people are foreigners working there, including 130,000, Romanians, a study on the Romanian migration in Spain launched in Madrid by the Governmental Strategies Agency shows, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.

Between 1998-2008, over 4.5 million people migrated to Spain to work and live and Romanians represent one of the largest community in Spain starting 2001. Currently, there are some 702,000 Romanians residing in Spain officially, representing 17% of the total number of registered foreigners.

Among these, some 448,000 are employed and 99,100 are currently unemployed. Plus, statistics show that there are another 154,900 inactive people (children, housewives or old people who have no income).

Experts read that migration rates dropped considerably in 2008 which indicates that the appeal starts to diminish. The contribution of Romanians to the Spanish economy can be estimated at 8,000 million euro, representing 0.71% of Spain's GDP.

The migration has a favorable impact in what concerns tax contributions and the social insurance system. One Romanian earns on average some 17,369 euro per year or 1,447 per month.

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