The Romanian Foreign Ministry expressed its deep concern regarding the escalation of tensions in the Gaza Strip during the past few days and called for all parties involved to give up the use of force and return to dialogue and political and diplomatic management of the situation. The only chance for peace in the Middle East is for the legitimate Palestinian and Israeli authorities to exit the spiral of violence and return to negotiations, a press release of the institution reads.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry reminds that Romania promotes and firmly supports the progress line which has its landmarks in the Peace Process document assumed during the Annapolis Conference. According to the document, the final target is the creation of an independent Palestinian State, able to live in peace and security near the Israeli state, as the International Quartet for Middle East program was set.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry demands all Romanian citizens in the Gaza Strip or the immediate neighboring areas to refrain from any actions that might determine reactions from the parties in conflict. Romanian citizens are advised to appeal to the Romanian embassies in Cairo and Tel Aviv in order to be offered the proper assistance.