Gazprom Vice President Alexander Medvedev accused on Monday Ukraine for stealing, just a day before that, 50 million cubic meters of natural gas, half from the gas that transits its territory and the other half from its underground reserves, AFP informs.

On Saturday, Medvedev accused Ukraine for stealing 35 million cubic meters or natural gas per day. He declared that Ukraine stole 25 million cubic meters of gas that was meant for several EU countries. The other 25 million cubic meters pertained to the Russian-Ukrainian society RusUkrEnergo and this lead to a decrease of gas sent to Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Gazprom official declared that 80% of the Russian gas for Europe transits Ukraine and thus he pleaded for a greater diversity of transportation routes. He declared that this measure is the only one that could increase the security of transports.

In turn, Ukrainian officials declared that Gazprom limited the amount of gas for several countries in South Europe, including Turkey by increasing the gas for the Republic of Moldova, NewsIn informs. The Ukrainian company, Naftogaz replied that starting January 1, citizens in Moldova started using all gas transiting their country. The total volume destined for Romania, Bulgarian and Turkey, Greece and Macedonia dropped by 10 million cubic meters per day.