Rome mayor Gianni Alemanno declared on Wednesday, during a conference on the integration of Romanian immigrants, that the institutions must intervene in order to put an end to the prejudice around Romanians, so that the citizens may truly benefit from their European status, in an European city such as Rome. According to Alemanno, information errors and other misunderstandings created a false image about Romanians.

The subject of the integration of immigrants was discussed for the first time in the headquarters of the Rome administration. The victory of Barack Obama in the US made the right-wing politicians in Italy adopt a more open attitude towards the immigration phenomenon, mainly with regard to the immigrants coming from the EU space. "In 15 years from now, we may have a candidate for the Prime Minister office coming from an immigrants' group", said Pierluigi Borghini, Assoforum vice president and top member of Forza Italia.

A first step towards a better understanding will be the opening of a City Hall office destined exclusively to the Romanian community, Alemanno announced.