Italian authorities retained two Romanians suspected of having raped a 14 year old girl in the Caffarella park in Rome last Saturday. One of them has admitted having raped the girl, La Reppublica informs.

One of the two, 20-year old Alexandru Isztoika Loyos admitted his guilt. The other Romanian is aged 36. One of the attackers was arrested in an illegal camp on Rome's outskirts on Tuesday night. The second was found at Livorno.

The two are suspected of having raped the 14-year old girl in a park in Rome while her boyfriend was beaten on Saturday.

UPDATE: Italian authorities offered some details about the investigation and how the suspect confessed the aggression:

  • All the results are a direct consequence of the team deployed to solve this case
  • It was a traditional investigation meaning that we made no use of technical equipment
  • The two victims, the girl and her boyfriend helped us a lot and it was because of their information that we managed to catch the aggressors so fast
  • We have collaborated with Romania's liaison officer within the Romanian Embassy who contributed to the positive outcome of the investigation
  • We have tried to find a traditional logic: we looked at the photograph and coordinated that with the information available
  • The subject was difficult to question, but in time, the aggressor confessed. There were some marks on his pants that incriminated him.

The only available information about the young Romanian aggressor is that he is from Iasi, North Romania and that his police record is astonishing: he has been arrested several times and almost expelled from Italy.