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Irish judge attacks Romanians

de A.C.
Miercuri, 25 februarie 2009, 18:22 English | Regional Europe

An Irish judge launched a harsh attack against Romanian citizens who, he says, abused the hospitality of the Irish by engaging into illegal activities. Sean MacBride expressed his concerns during a trial at the Cavan District Court when a Romanian appeared before the court under charges of stealing, The Anglo-Celt newspaper reads.

Romanian Stefan Nicola, aged 46 was accused of stealing a HP laptop worth almost 1,500 euro and a Ryobi tool worth 150 euro - both stolen in the same day. The Romanian pleaded guilty.

MacBridge ruled that Nicola should return 1,100 euro in compensation or risk a six-month sentence. Judge MacBride declared that felons like the Romanian and the gangs he's part of engage in illegal activities.

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