While most important newspapers' websites and independent portals in Moldova are not accessible, the website of the public TV station, of the Communist newspapers and of the public news agency run perfectly and salute the "vote for stability" on Sunday. The Moldpres news agency was the only to refer to the protests in Chisinau, noting that "the protesters committed hooligan acts".

Moldpres also published several articles that notes that "Criminal elements were spotted among protesters" and that the "Timpul" newspaper "called for violence". The news of the day is that the head of state (Communist Voronin) participated in the ceremony in which two farms received upgraded technical equipment.

For "Moldova Suverana" (Sovereign Moldova), the most important news of the day is that the Communist Party won the elections. Not one piece of news about the protests on Monday or Tuesday.

The public radio website also fails to offer any information about the events in Chisinau. Visitors may opt for Champions League or for music. The news of the day: "The electoral process was calm".