The president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, held his first speech after the elections. "It is a well-thought and well conducted operation. It is clear that they want blood to be shed", said Voronin.

The main statements:

- This operation was well thought and well conducted.;

- It is clear that they want blood to be shed;

- We thank a lot those who voted for us;

- I call upon all those who are worried about what happens in Chisinau;

- This is how the elections work - those who win must assume responsibility for the entire society;

- I prepared a beautiful appeal for our citizens, thanking them;

- Another appeal must be made, towards those concerned with what happens in Kishinev;

- Some of the things that are happening - it is clear in whose interest they happen;

- Discussions about electoral frauds begun one month ago;

- A patriot can not commit such acts of vandalism.