The Moldovan Parliament failed on Wednesday, for the third time, to elect the country's President. The first attempt, on May 20 was boycotted by the opposition and the second time, on May 28 the vote was postponed on religious grounds. At the time incumbent President Vladimir Voronin announced that the decision was taken in an attempt to negotiate, in extremis with the opposition.

Before the official gathering earlier today, the three opposition political parties announced that they will not vote for the Communists. The candidates put forward are PM Zinaida Greceanii and Moldova's Ambassador to Moscow Andrei Neguta.

Greceanii declared that all political parties need to choose a President, for the sake of the country's stability. She added that civic confrontation and political antagonism are a threat to the rule of law. At his turn, Neguta declared that he accepted the candidacy in order to ensure that legal norms will be respected.

Neguta declared that that Moldova needs to see in Russia an important priority in what concerns the foreign relations of the country. He added that repeated elections are detrimental both for the state and for the citizens alike. Elections, he warned, could lead to a deepening of the political crisis.

According to local laws, if the Parliament fails to elect a President, elections will be launched, which means that the population will be summoned to vote once again. An official date for the new elections will be announced by the Central Electoral Commission. Most probably, according to sources, elections will be organized at the end of August.