The European Commissioner for Energy, Andris Pielbags, said on Tuesday that the technical support provided by Romania for the South Stream project would not jeopardize Nabucco. He made the statement following a meeting with Romanian Economy minister Adriean Videanu.

Pielbags said the existence of multiple gas pipelines would be useful for Europe.

Following a visit by minister Videanu to Moscow last month, Gazprom asked for Romania's technical support for drilling activities at the Black Sea for the construction of the South Stream pipeline.

The European Commissioner said on Tuesday that once built South Stream would be a supplementary natural gas route for Europe and that a limited number of pipelines made Europe vulnerable. He said the Romanian government would not bring damages to the Nabucco project on providing information to support the South Stream project.

Pielbags said a collaboration between Gazprom and Romania's Romgaz would be beneficial.