Vice-PM Dan Nica announced on Friday that the weather conditions on Thursday evening affected 12 counties and the capital. 15 localities saw houses and streets being damaged and basements flooded.

The distressed localities are in the counties of Alba, Arges (National road DN71 Transfagarasan has been blocked), Bihor (N-W), Buzau (Central-E), Calarasi (S-E), Cluj (Cental), Ilfov (S), Maramures (N), Prahova (Central-E), Teleorman (S), Suceava (N-E) and Bucharest (S).

Hail destroyed several hectares of crops in Vrancea and Caras-Severin on Thursday and Friday. Despite the fact that the weather warning ends Friday evening, the authorities must remain prepared to intervene, Dan Nica said, after the National Emergency Committee met.

According to National Meteorologic Administration, the Yellow code is extended until Friday, 6PM (local time) for Arges (S), Bacau (E), Bistrita Nasaud (N), Botosani (N-E), Brasov (Central), Braila (S_E), Buzau (S-E), Calarasi (S-E), Covasna (Central), Dambovita (Central-E), Galati (E), Harghita (Central), Ialomita (S-E), Iasi (N-E), Maramures (N), Mures (Central-N), Neamt (E), Prahova (Central-E), Suceava (N-E), Vaslui (E) and Vrancea (E).

Specialists from the National Institute of Hydrology say several hydrological basins might be affected: Viseu, Iza, Somes, Crasna, Barcau, Crisuri, Mures. Forecasts for Saturday and Sunday announced 30 degrees Celsius.