The energy might become more expensive in Romania if the country goes over the CO2 level imposed by the European Commission. The optimist scenario forecasts a 5% increase, the pessimist version - 10%.

"Romania has a 50 TWh annual consumption. After all the maths, it results that the price might go up 10 euros per MWh, meaning 10% more. This is the pessimist scenario. A realist version sees a 5% increase in the energy price", according to Romanian Academy energy and environment expert Ionut Purica.

One CO2 tone costs between 12 and 30 euros. This gives a 25 euros medium price. Ionut Purica calculates an inner price of 500 million euros to get from the initial requested level, meaning 95-100 million CO2 tones, to the level imposed by the European Commission, namely 75-80 million CO2 tones.

Romania had a 63.7 million CO2 tones last year. "In the allocation plan, Romania asked between 95 and 100 million tones, but the European Commission approved 20% less, according to ANPM manager, Hortensia Dumitru.