Romania hosts some 65,000 immigrants and their numbers are growing fast. Most immigrants are African, Indian, Afghan or Iraqi and are all administered at a center in Somcuta Mare, Maramures county, North Romania. The Romanian state offers them accommodation, food, some cloths and some 80 euro cents/day for pocket money.

Therefore, in order to survive, immigrants work for local peasants in the area. The newspaper tells the story of African Kasim, who arrived in Romania instead of reaching Germany, as he initially wanted to. Nonetheless, he seemed to have integrated quite well as he is about to get married to a local girl, the newspaper reads.

Peasants in the area admit that they have never seen black people in their lives, but they get used to them fast. Somcuta Mare mayor, Vasile Alb declared for the newspaper that all immigrants who arrive there think they are in Germany, as they are fooled by their guides.