A car with numbers from Central Romania (Brasov, Transilvania) hit one of the famous band U2 cars on Sunday in Zagreb. The band has two concerts scheduled for August 9 and 10, both in the Croat main city, the local press informs, quoted by Romanian press agency Mediafax.

According to Croat daily Jutarnji, the Romanian driver, behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Bora, did not mind the red light. On the other hand, the Romanian passengers say U2's car - a Mercedes class E - was driving with very high speed.

Following the accident, both drivers suffered light wounds and there were significant material damages. According to some sources, the Mercedes driver was in a rush to get to the airport in Pleso, where he was to pick up the U2 members.

Mediafax reporters contacted the Romanian consulate in Zagreb, but nobody from there seemed to have been informed about the accident. The authorities said investigations were carried out to get the facts.

U2 is currently in a world tour, "360°", promoting their last album - "No Line on the Horizon". The debut concert took place in Barcelona, on June 30.