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Romanian gypsies in the French press: we left Romania because we had no other choice: no job, no help

de A.C.
Luni, 28 septembrie 2009, 7:50 English | Regional Europe

Tabara de tigani din orasul Brest
We are gypsies and we left Romania because we had no other choice: no job, no help, Victor, a Romanian gypsy declares for French journalists. He speaks French, which he learned during school and currently leaves in an improvised camp in Brest city, Le Telegramme newspaper reads.

The improvised camp is full of small tents and other shelters, surrounding a big fire in the middle of the camp. Nearby, their clothes are resting in the sun. The garbage is carefully gathered in sealed bags and the camp is clean, French journalists note.

All the families in the camp came to France by bus in March. Now, as the winter approaches, the gypsies are trying to find a safer place to camp. Last week, the police turned up for a visit and urged them to leave. After that, nobody passed by.

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