Norway leads the annual Human Development Index top, a document published on Monday by the United Nations Program for Development which comprises 182 UN member countries reads. Romania is ranked 63 in the world out of the 182 countries and on 22 of the 27 EU countries.

Ranked first, Norway outranked Australia, Iceland and Canada in the top, set up with 2007 data, before the economic crisis started, AFP reads. According to the organization, the current crisis has massive repercussions on human development across the world. Several states which were ranked among the first were highly affected by the crisis.

The Human Development Index takes into account the life expectancy, education level and GDP per capita. The lowest ranked is Nigeria, after Afghanistan. Here are the first ten countries:

1) Norway

2) Australia

3) Iceland

4) Canada

5) Ireland

6) Netherlands

7) Sweden

8) France

9) Switzerland

10) Japan