Saturday, in an article in the Neue Zuricher Zeitung, a Swiss journalist wonders whether in 2007 Romania was ready to join the EU. But how about Brussels? Was it ready to take up this challenge? A report of the Romanian Innovation and Development Institute reads that Romania is unique but caught in deeply rooted traditional customs.

In his article, Rudolf Hermann summaries the report and several people like Holcim General Director Markus Wirth, former EU integration committee Olli Rehn are quoted. Post-revolutionary reforms in Romania targeted the destruction of the industry instead of its modernization, the reports reads.

Modern industry was almost abolished and the quality and level of public services like heath, education and culture dropped below the 70's level. In a country like Romania, the future holds two ways: the one the country took, with a little sprinkles from the EU with a confuse identity and a modest contribution. The other way presumes a proactive stance to catch up with the EU, one of the conclusions in the report reads.