Italian journalists are confident in regards to Romanian football player Adrian Mutu - ex-Chelsea and currently Fiorentina - and his chances to get away with only a one month suspension, after being tested positive with sibutramina, informs. "It all depends if he will be considered or not to be 'recidivist' after the cocaine-Chelsea episode", La Nazione reads.

Only a few days after the sibutramina scandal, when Mutu has been tested positive twice in January 10 and January 20, football experts were talking about a maximum punishment for the Romanian striker, namely four years. Should this be the final scenario, Mutu's career would be finished.

As time passed, the tensions have disappeared and the talks in Italy whisper of great chances for Mutu to get away with only one month of suspension. This is possible if it can be proven that Adrian Mutu's taking the substance can be proven to be with good intentions.

It is very important if CONI, the Italian Olympic Committee, considers Mutu to be recidivist after the "cocaine" episode during his time with Chelsea in 2004. But since it was the Stamford Bridge team that asked for anti-doping tests and not the anti-doping authorities, it is possible that this episode will not have a huge impact in the Italian investigators.

Mutu's first hearing will take place on Monday, March 1 2010, and according to the Italian journalists, the Anti-doping Tribunal will rule out the verdict sometime in mid-March.

While he waits for the sentence, Mutu trained all this time, wanting to be fit if the punishment will go easy on him.

"Mutu's lawyers are preparing the defence for the positive sibutramina tests. The Romanian will be heard by the anti-doping prosecutor who will decide if Mutu gets suspended. In the case he is suspended, the prosecutor proposes the period of disqualifying, which will then be analysed by the National Anti-Doping Tribunal. A final decision could be met on march 20", La Nazione indicated, according to Mediafax.