On April 30, a group of hackers, who sign as "Romanian National Security" attacked three of the most important media sites in Italy: La Stampa, Corriere della Sera and RAI. The Romanian hackers left a message inviting Italian journalists to avoid confusions between Romanians and gypsies.

The same group attacked in the last month the sites of the Daily Telegraph and Le Monde. However, unlike the British and French media, the Italian mass media did not mention the attack. Our HotNews.ro corresponded to Italy interviewed Italin Matteo Cavallini, responsible for IT security in the Commerce Ministry. He was one of the first Italians to raise the awareness about the attack of the Romanians hackers.

Cavallini classified the attack of the Romanian hackers as the most important in the last years. The seriousness of the attack, he explains resides in the fact that three sites were attacked in the same time and the political-social demands of the hackers.

According to Italian laws, Cavallini said, the hackers could be judged and punished if caught.