A non-white actor, featured in numerous Soviet films, died in a hospital in St. Petersburg, after being beaten in an alleged racist attack, local officials declared, quoted by AFP. Tito Romalio was beaten up on the streets by a man. The suspect is currently under arrest.

A police spokesman declared that Romalio, the 59-year old man, "died on May 11 in the Alexandrovskaya hospital", after being beaten on the streets, following a conflict. "The suspect was arrested", police announced.

The police rep did not offer additional details, but the Russian press announced that the aggressor, identified as Kamzya Ienikeiev, killed Romalio in a racist attack.

Romalio, of Brazilian origin, began to act in moves at an early age, playing roles in Soviet movies very popular during that ear, like "Artimo's Adventures" and "The Amphibian Man".

Novaya Ivestia quotes his friends to have said that the actor had suffered because of racism for al his life. People in Russia called him "the black" and he often had "to humiliate himself" to find a job.

AFP reads that Africans and non-whites are often attacked by Russian Neo-Nazis. 74 people were killed last year in racist attacks in Russia, while there were 120 murders in 2008.