France's government decided to raise the preoccupations related to Rroma community delinquents at the European level. French State Secretary for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche said that Europeans need to give up the undiscrimination issue when more and more people that do not even attempt to integrate appear, Le Monde reads, in its electronic edition.

Pierre Lellouche evoked the human trafficking networks - women and children alike and the beggary networks that expand especially in France. He said that the main responsibility rests in the origin countries.

President Nicolas Sarkozy evoked last week a new fight against insecurity and talked about the problems raised by the Rroma community. He announced that all illegal camps will be dismantled. There are 11 million Rroma living in Europe and 9 million have a passport that allows them access in the EU member states. Romania is the first on the list, Le Monde reads.