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South African doctors accused of illegal transplants with organs prelevated from Romanians and Brazilians 

de A.C.
Joi, 16 septembrie 2010, 17:23 English | Regional Europe

Five South African doctors were sent to court for illegal kidney transplants for some rich Israeli citizens aftey they took organs from poor Romanians and Brazilians, reads. In the same case, Richard Friedland, director of the best private hospital in South Africa was accused. 

Investigators claim that in 2001-2003, in St. Augustine hospital in Durban 109 illegal transplant operations were conducted. 109 accusations were made against felons. Kidneys were initially prelevated from Israeli citizens and later on from Romanians and Brazilians. 

The Israeli donated their organs for about 20,000 dollars while Romanians were paid with 6,000 dollars. 

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