56% of the French do not agree with the critiques formulated by Brussels against the French authorities, after their expulsion campaign of the gypsies - an Opinion Way surey reads, quoted by French daily Le Figaro. Among the supporters of the party, the dissatisfaction is massive: 83%. Of those respondents who declare themselves objective, 62% criticize the position of the Commission.

Those interviewed were asked to have a say regarding the position of the Commission accusing France that it does not respect European law on freedom of movement. Immigration minister Eric Besson declared on Thursday that about 1,700 Romanians and Bulgarians with an unregulated situation will be repatriated until the end of September.

In France there are about 15,000 gypsies and many of them live in improvized shacks. After three months in France, without a house and a revenue, they are now illegal immigrants and can be expelled.