The Luxembourg press reacted harsh at Nicolas Sarkozy's critiques to EC Commissioner Viviane Reding's address whom he suggested to receive gypsies in her own country. Daily La Voix du Luxemborg, writes, quoted by that the President and its counsellors do not leave the boulevard of ridicule. Newspapers across Europe wrote extensively about the divergences between Sarkozy and the European Commission. The Guardian even urged the EU to exclude France from the EU.

La Voix du Luxemborg reads that the divergences are useful for the French presidency: let's bet that these interesting people will address real subject like the economic crisis and the role of the EU on the international scene.

The Guardian: it is all about EU citizen deported from a member state to the other based on their ethnic origin.

La Repubblica: the European Commission knows that if it will allow Paris to continue its campaign against gypsies, the Italian government will take even drastic measures. The EU plans to disentangle the French Italian discriminatory axe.

Suddeustsche Zeitung: Super Sarko become a terrible child and he competes with Berlusconi.