The turnout at the early elections in Republic of Moldova was 54.95% at 6:30 PM, the electoral committee's secretary Iurie Ciocan announced. The Chief of the Central Electoral Committee, Eugen Stirbu declared for Ria Novosti that the early parliamentary elections were validated as over 1/3 of the voters with a right to vote attended the elections.

By 6:30 PM voter turnout was 59.14% .

At 3:30 PM turnout at the national level was 41.87% and in Chisinau turnout was 34.61%.

Elections were validated considering that almost 34% of the voters turned out to vote, which makes the 1/3 of citizens necessary to validate elections, Stirbu declared for Ria Novosti.

25,000 citizens voted abroad according to data presented by the central electoral committee at 4 PM.

By 12:30 PM turnout was 22.46% according to the data presented by the Central Electoral Committee, reads. In Chisinau, by 12 PM turnout was 9.74%.

There were 2,651,564 citizens on the electoral lists. The Central Electoral Committee opened 2,037 voting sections including 75 abroad.