Serbian authorities plan to create by 2012 a hologram which would replicate the bridge built by Apolodor ofDamascus across the Danube 1,900 years ago before the Roman invasion in Dacia, AFP reads. Serbia’s project is sustained by the European Investment Bank and other European banks.

Authorities also plan to rehabilitate Roman sites and modernized for tourism with investments of 13 million euro. Miomir Korac, the project’s director said that by 2012 a holographic projection of the bridge will be ready that would represent a replica after the famous bridge. The hologram will have 150-200 meters, a lot shorter than the actual bridge that had 1.6 km.

Korac said that the projection will be made on the Serbian part of the Danube. The idea is part of a bigger project to modernize Roman archeological sites in Serbia to attract more tourists. The project will cost 13 million euro and will be financed by the European Investment Bank.