French European Affairs minister Laurent Wauquiez said at RFI that his country does not oppose Romania’s adhesion to Schengen “out of mere principle, but definitely Romania and Bulgaria cannot join in the next three months because Bulgaria is not ready and Romania cannot join without Bulgaria. If the two countries are ready to join this year and all guarantees that they are ready exist, then we will not oppose.”

At the moment, reports show that Bulgaria is not ready to join and since Romania did not cover its border to Bulgaria, than Romania cannot join alone. Wauquiez also pointed out the corruption in the two countries even if Bucharest makes efforts to counter it.

He admitted Romania’s efforts to improve border security, to counter corruption but he wonders whether this is the end of the road. He added that several other countries have second thoughts to Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesions to Schengen saying that France’s decisions are not easy considering the great friendship between the two countries.