Hundreds of people from several cities across Romania were on their way to Bucharest on Thursday for demonstrations to be organized by the Opposition parties later in the day. It is the first official political meeting after popular protests erupted last weekend, peaking with major street violence on Sunday.

For the past several days, the protests have been peaceful, with hundreds of people gathering in downtown Bucharest Universitate Square every evening despite the wave of confrontations between police and protesters - many of which were football club fans - on Saturday and Sunday.

So far, the demonstrations attracted people who, while only in their hundreds, represented of all layers of society and protested everything from a new car sale tax to government corruption and health system troubles. But today is the first day that the opposition Liberal, Social Democratic and Conservative Parties join the protests with their own demonstrations.

Some 10,000 people are expected to join the Opposition protest at Arcul de Triumf Square in the Romanian capital city.

Many come from cities of Constanta, Cluj Napoca, Galati, Timisoara and others. They come to Bucharest by car, train and or by party buses.

The Opposition's "Meeting for Freedom" protest will start in the afternoon and is expected to end in the evening.