All the information suggests that USL will force the President's suspension as soon as possible. It is a matter of hours or of days at most. From what I have learnt, Crin Antonescu dreams about moving in to Cotroceni Presidential Palace as soon as possible, possibly today. Ponta and Antonescu are removing the Ombudsman [People's Lawyer], the judges from the Constitutional Court, the Presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Vasile Blaga's replacement is a crucial move, because he is the second man in the state, and should the President of the country be suspended, the President of the Senate would become the interim at Cotroceni Presidential Palace. Very probably, Crin Antonescu will take Blaga's place.

Dan TapalagaFoto: Hotnews

The removal of the Ombudsman was also important in the attempt to eliminate the institutional obstacles because in theory, it could issue a complaint with the Constitutional Court were the suspension to be made. In turn, according to the USL logic, the Constitutional Court has to be excluded from the games so as not to prevent Traian Basescu's suspension. All the information [we have] indicate that given the way in which the Parliament events develop, USL intends to have everything ended in just a few hours, in a few hours, in one or maximum two days.

This blitzkrieg attack on the democratic institutions, crushing the rules of the games looks more like a South American coup d'état than like a democratic game in an EU member country. The Mexicanization of Romania, the country that has just ardently voted a character that has the reputation of being a major corrupt individual, starts today. The crooks' revolution is starting, the revolution of the petty thieves who steal other people's work, the revolution of the disciples of the corruption masters, of those supporting criminals in jail, of the servants of proven [Securitate] informers, of lawmakers who ask for the release of jail prisoners. On a summer's day, this revolution of the crooks is stealing democracy in the country of the most honest government.

What are Western chancelleries doing meanwhile? Where are the courageous ambassadors, the great defenders of democratic values? I believe in these depressing moments for a European country they should take a common stand. They should obviously state their point of view whether what they are seeing in these days' Romania exceeds Orban's Hungary or if there is still some way to go up to that point, so we should continue to stomach a few power abuses.