Dutch Ambassador to Romania Matthijs van Bonzel made a statement on Thursday related to a scandal now affecting the Romanian justice system. Speaking of a decision by Romania's prosecutor general to dismiss a prosecutor who led investigations into a high profile politician - a move described by President Traian Basescu and others as an interference with the justice system, Ambassador van Bonzel said "we should all refrain from comments, a fortiori from interference in the policy of the Public Prosecution".

The ambassador's statement, received by HotNews.ro:

  • "We should all refrain from  comments, a fortiori from interference in the policy of the Public Prosecution.  Independence and professionalism of the Public Prosecution is crucial to enable the rule of law to which Romania committed itself under the CVM, as a member state of the EU, and as a member state of the Council of Europe. This Independence and professionalism can only evolve if it is respected by us all."

It was the first reaction by an Embassy to Bucharest in the case of prosecutor Lucian Papici, whom Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu revoked from the seat of head of section at the National Anticorruption Department on Wednesday. Papici had been named in that function a week before. Papici was in charge with the case against prominent politician Liviu Dragnea of governing Social Democratic Party.

Liviu Dragnea, now a deputy prime minister, has been investigated for his role in alleged fraud at a referendum to dismiss president Traian Basescu last year. Prosecutor General Nitu was named in office following a cohabitation deal between Traian Basescu and Social Democratic PM Victor Ponta.