The man who led Romanian miners in a violent march to Bucharest in 1990 and then again throughout the nineties, Miron Cozma was set free after ten years of imprisonment. Cozma said that he was convicted because he was the one to lead what is commonly known as the miners crusades and had the courage to confront corrupt politicians.

The so-called crusades were called to suppress the opposition protesters in the 1990, while in 1991 led to a change of the government.

Cozma's lawyer, Adrian Roseti declared that the interdiction imposed on his client to enter Bucharest and Petrosani – the main places where the five revolts were set up – needs to be revoked as it is an infringement to his rights.

The international news agencies transmitted information about Cozma and his history. AFP was the first to talk about his release giving details and background information.

Aged 55, Cozma was imprisoned in February 1999 after a march of the miners to Bucharest. He was first convicted at 18 years of prison for the violent actions in September 1991 who lead to three deaths and the fall of the government. Even though in December 2003 he was given another 17 years of serving time, he received, along the years several time reductions.

In December 2004, former Romanian President, Ion Iliescu pardoned him with another 45 convicts. However, the measure stirred up serious criticism and was revoked a several days later.

The Miners Victims Association contested Cozma's release considering that Romania's judiciary system is corrupt and politically biased.

Association representatives qualify Cozma as terrorist, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.