51 Romanian citizens were stuck on the Moscow airport due to bad weather on Monday at noon. The group, including locally known pop band Akcent and football player Ciprian Marica, have been waiting for 14 hours to return home and were promised to depart Moscow on an Aeroflot plane at about 11.30 a.m.

Another 200 Romanian citizens were forced to wait for more than 15 hours on London Heathrow due to heavy fog this weekend.

According to Romanian news station Realitatea TV, many flights were postponed from Heathrow but personnel of the the Tarom flight to Romania failed to inform its passengers about the weather problems and flight postponement. The group eventually arrived in Bucharest in the first hours in the morning on Monday.

According to France Presse, tens of thousands of passengers had their Christmas schedules turned upside down due to traffic trouble on Heathrow this weekend as no less than 90 flights were canceled or postponed.

Another 15 flights were canceled on the second biggest British airport, Gatwick.