Their children have computers and go skiing in the Austrian Alps. They learn Spanish from soap operas and dream of becoming football players or music stars. Some 648 people from Hordo, a village where George Cosbuc, a famous Romanian poet was born, have left for Spain in search for better jobs and money to raise their children. However, their kids, left behind with their grandparents, feel abandoned in front of all the high tech surrounding them.

Interviewed in a feature report on the Romanian-language version of, children admit they miss they parents and would prefer to have them by their side instead of talking on messenger or on the phone.

Even if a new, better future unfolds for them, the old, traditional ways of the villagers seem to fade away.

What is more, children living right next to Cosbuc's house fail to recite by heart any of the poems written by the nationally famous writer. They remember, however their Austrian ski trip or many Spanish words.