Despite all the scandal around her being nominated for the Justice Minister seat, including the statements made on Friday night by president Basescu, Norica Nicolai will not retire from the race for the governmental position. In a press conference on Friday, after the speech held by president Basescu, Nicolai said the professional curricula was made up by the former political police, Securitate, when it comes to the 1987 incident referred to by Basescu, and that she did not break any laws in 1991.

Norica Nicolai says that the documents presented by Basescu are lying and that is evidence of the fact that the former Securitate is still surviving, being in the service of president Basescu.

Nicolai didn't offer any further details about the incidents. In several occasions, she referred to her condition as female politician: "What you did during the past few days, questioning my moral quality as a woman and a human, allows me to qualify your behavior as unworthy as man and abusive as Romania president", Nicolai said, pointing at Basescu.

As for the nephew that voted in her place in the Parliament, Norica Nicolai admits her fault, classifying her life as "a normal one, with good and bad, with mistakes I assume, like the one with my nephew".