Former editor at the Romanian Public Television TVR, Radu Gafta resigned this week, using the occasion to reveal that the new management of the News department of the broadcasting company has censured several reports which might have significant political impact. The former editor told that some journalistic investigations were stopped and an article about Norica Nicolai, Liberal nominee for the Justice Ministry was censored with no other explanations by the new chief editor of the News department, Madalina Radulescu.

Gafta argues that one of the reporters working at an investigation confessed that he was censured and that he has no idea what to do. The investigations related about a Liberal politician in Brasov, a Social Democrat doctor in Cluj and a Democrat Liberal at Romania's seaside resort, Mangalia.

Moreover, he adds that in his opinion, the new director, Alexandru Sassu was named specifically to avoid scandals and sanction features that might affect political interests. Gafta told that the editor in chief censured an article about Norica Nicolai, Liberals nominee for the Justice Ministry.

Gafta was one of the editors that worked at the broadcasting of the video footage portraying former Agriculture Minister, Decebal Traian Remes taking up bribe. He was later transferred to less important positions and shows.

From February 1, Gafta will start working for the European Commission.