Romania Justice minister Teodor Melescanu gave in to President Traian Basescu's pressure on Tuesday and released the necessary ministry approval over criminal files of eight ministers set to be investigated by anti-graft prosecutors. Melescanu said he did not want to block the President's initiatives and that he fully understood his administrative attributions, but warned that he declined any responsibility on the issue.

Melescanu's decision comes after the President sent him a second warning two days ago threatening him with suspension over his caution in releasing the ministry approvals for the criminal inquiries against the eight former and current members of the government.

Melescanu says that his intention was to obey the law and by no means censure the President's acts. Thus, he justifies his initial decision to hold the files due to an administrative issue that needed to be resolved.

The Constitutional Court ruled on January 6 that the President's prerogative to decide whether or not ministers are to be investigated by anti-graft prosecutors is a political tool and thus he is not forced to justify his decisions.