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Romania criticized by Human Rights Watch for CIA prisons, Kosovo incident and Mailat case

de Radu Big
Vineri, 1 februarie 2008, 14:34 English | Top News

The Human Rights Watch organization tells in its annual report about the Kosovo incident in February, when Romanian gendarmes killed to demonstrant, claims once again that Romania hosted illegal CIA prisons and also mentions the crisis in Italy caused by the Mailat case (the Romanian accused of raping and killing an Italian woman), NewsIn informs.

In the chapter on "Fighting the terrorism and Human Rights", the Human Rights Watch 2008 shows that "The Parliamentarian Assembly of the European Council confirmed in June 2007 that CIA held illegal prisons for terrorism suspects in Romania and Poland, between 2003 and 2005. Prisoners in such facilities were subject to interrogation techniques similar to torture".

In the chapter on the way human rights are respected in EU states, the report once again refers to the tensed relationship between Romania and Italy, generated after the Mailat case and peaking with the Italian governmental decree to expel all EU citizens that pose a threat to Italian citizens.

In the 'Impunity and access to Justice" chapter, the report reminds the incident in Kosovo, when a Romanian gendarmes platoon opened fire during a violent demonstration, killing two participants and injuring many others. 

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