Romanian opposition parties, the President and representatives of the civil society have been protesting to what they called an abuse against Romanian voters in the Diaspora, who could not vote in the EP elections and, in some cases, were forced away from polling stations as polls closed on Sunday evening.

Coada la vot in LondraFoto: Facebook

Bad organisation of the voting process was blamed on the PSD government and its Foreign Ministry. This comes as the Diaspora traditionally votes against the PSD.

Slow procedures and a very limited number of poll personnel led to long queues before polling stations organised for members of the Romanian Diaspora - one of the most numerous in Europe - in various European cities during the EP elections.

Thousands complained they could not cast their votes, while most of those who voted, from Vienna to London and from Turin to the Hague, had to wait in line for hours - up to 10 in some cases.

In Hague, some 200 people who were waiting to vote at the Romanian Embassy were forced away by Dutch special forces, who, according to witnesses, were called by Romanian officials. The raid took place as frustrated Romanian voters started to hit an Embassy door.

Police was also called in Turin.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, an opponent of the current PSD government, said on Monday morning that Romanians in the Diaspora were subjected to humiliation and demanded responsible authorities to act urgently so that they can vote in normal circumstances.