Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday made a first step in efforts to redraw political priorities in the wake of recent shake ups, by inviting parties to sign a national deal for the consolidation of Romania's European path, including moves to protect justice.


Since major electoral losses for the governing Social Democrats (PSD) in the European elections; success of a referendum aimed at protecting the Judiciary against government interference; and the prison sentence for corruption against former PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, Iohannis has held talks with all parliamentary parties.

In the wake of the talks, on Wednesday he tabled a national deal aimed at strengthening Romania's engagement with the EUropean Union. The deal, which he urges all parliamentary parties to sign, is due to include provisions to legiferate serious limits on amnesty and pardon and a ban of government ordinances in the field of criminal law, judicial organisation and other issues.

Both provisions were the subject of the referendum which took place along the EU elections last month.

The deal is also due to specify that Justice-related laws and Criminal codes would only be reviewed if green lighted by the Venice Commission and the European Commission.